Wastewater Bio Treatment Plants in Zugdidi 12 October, 2018

Prime Concrete started the construction of Wastewater Bio Treatment Plants in Zugdidi. Construction works will be accomplished by 2020. Bio Treatment plant will be constructed according to European standards and will ensure sewage cleaning and recycling, that help to protect the environment and public health, avoids huge risks.

Gardabani Wastewater Treatment Plant 07 October, 2018

Within the agreement with  STRABAG, PRIME CONCRETE completed the construction of grit and grease chamber   and auxiliary structures with total volume of 6000 m3. Construction was done under the framework of the Modernization Project of the Wastewater  Treatment Plant of Gardabani.  

Road Infrastructure Projects 07 October, 2018

PRIME CONCRETE acomplished the construction/rehabilitation of road in the village of Didi Nedzi, Zugdidi Region. Simultaneously to the arrangement of the road surface, various engineering buildings/installations of the road infrastructure were constructed too.  To the extent of three above mentioned contracts, PRIME CONCRETE fulfilled the construction works of concrete surface roads on 71000m2 area.  

Construction of Ureki Wastewater Treatment Plant... 30 July, 2018

PRIME CONCRETE completed the construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ureki. Up to ten various types of reservoirs, administrative and technological buildings, including internal road surfacing were erected within the scope of the project Total construction volume of the tanks exceeded 5500m3. Ureki wastewater treatment plant will treat wastewater following a full biological treatment process. This will significantly reduce pollution and support the improvement of living conditions of...


Gazelle Fund LP has made its first investment in Georgia, US$1,000,000 in Prime Concrete LLC to expand its operations in western Georgia. With this financing Prime Concrete will be able to acquire equipment to increase its technical and operational capacity, which will enable the company to execute larger scale civil works construction projects utilizing highly skilled labor, sourced locally. This financing enables Prime Concrete to grow and create value in the western region of Georgia,...

Prime Concrete has finished construction of... 13 April, 2018

Prime Concrete, in the framework of large scale tourism infrastructure projects in Georgia, has finished construction of biological treatment facilities in Anaklia. In the scope of this project, we have completed up to 10 reservoirs of different types and volume, buildings for administrative and technological purposes, internal road infrastructure, etc. Total volume of our construction works exceed 5500 m3.  

Construction of Godogani Reservoir foundation has... 02 February, 2018

Concreting of foundations circular reservoirs in Godogani , with 1250 m2 concrete and 150 tons of steel is completed according to the schedule. For this moment we are working on concreting of walls. Construction of two units of circular reservoirs for water 4 000 m3 each and chloridisation chamber in Godogani is an important milestone for  “Construction of Kutaisi Water Supply - Phase II” project. We are scheduled to complete works in June 2018.

Concrete Specialists’ Practical Course 08 November, 2017

The Prime-Concrete, in cooperation with education development and employment center (KEDEC), provided 200-hour free reinforced concrete specialists’ practical course for Samegrelo residents. Within the framework of the program, participants had an opportunity to get full theoretical knowledge, also get directly involved in the construction process and get a practical experience in working with prime concrete specialists. The course participants, who successfully passed the practice, were...

educational program for the highly-skilled... 13 August, 2017

Prime Concrete, together with Kutaisi Education Development and Employment Center implemented educational program for highly-skilled craftsmen for reinforced concrete work. The participants of the course were able to gain practical knowledge from the specialists of Prime Concrete, during the process of construction and rehabilitation of Kutaisi Water Supply System.

Ultra-High Pressure Water Jet 02 February, 2017

We are glad to introduce a new machine of our stock – Ultra-High Pressure Water Jet made in Germany by Falch GmbH. Max. working pressure of machine is 2500 bar. The machine uses only pure water pressure to clean all types of surface (metal, concrete, asphalt, wood, PVC etc.) from rust, paint, oil etc.